Yoga Diploma Prenatal Teacher Training Course

4-day Intensive Training Suitable for Yoga Teachers & Trainees.

Pregnant Woman GraphicDates

Day 1: Saturday 7th June 2014

Day 2: Sunday 8th June 2014

Day 3: Saturday 12th July 2014

Day 4: Saturday 16th August 2014



The fundamental aims of yoga are increasing flexibility and mobility while decreasing tension and stress. These are perfectly compatible with the needs of mothers-to-be and their babies. Learn how to make a yoga class that is suitable for pregnant students with specially chosen asanas and modifications. Learn essential birth-breathing and relaxation techniques. Learn how to give guidance to prepare the mum-to-be during pregnancy, labour and birth-giving with yoga movements.

Pregnancy and yoga are a good match! Why? Many of us agree that ‘yoga is a complete approach to life’ and if you ask any pregnant woman, a mother or a father they will tell you the same: having a baby is a completely new approach to life or at least it will change the parents' view on life. Pregnancy is a time of transition, new sensations, new experiences and new limits too – the same can be said about a general yoga practice.

The beauty of the adaptability of yoga will be our guide during this training and the importance that pregnancy is not a ‘condition’ but a transformation – a different state of the female body and that the right yoga practice is not only very beneficial for the body and mind but also allows the mother to be to find a safe support system for this transformation.



The Aims of the Yoga for Pregnancy Diploma Course are:

  1. To provide the structure, tuition and support throughout the course to enable participants to have the best learning experience possible
  2. To significantly grow the participants’ knowledge and experience of pregnancy, labour, birth and how yoga can relate to each of these stages
  3. To instil the knowledge, approach and skills required to teach prenatal yoga safely, effectively and professionally
  4. To cultivate within the yoga teachers the confidence to teach from their own experience and knowledge
  5. To engender excellence in the teaching methods of our trainees using the most up-to-date practice methods whilst maintaining loyalty to philosophy that underlies the practice of yoga.

Prenatal Yoga classAssessment & Certification

Participants will be required to design a set of 6 classes and to teach four of these classes to at least one pregnant woman. Following teaching the classes, each participant must write and submit a report on the teaching experience. Three additional written assignments will be required for assessment. Upon completion of the course and completion of the assignments to a satisfactory level, successful candidates will receive the Diploma in Prenatal Yoga Teaching which make them eligible attain insurance as Prenatal Yoga Instructors and to teach prenatal yoga.



Total fee for Yoga Teachers & Trainees (4 days training & course materials): €595 (€200 deposit, remainder payable in 2 installments, one each weekend)

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Shelagh SuttonShelagh Sutton, MA, RYT, Dip(Prenatal Yoga), is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and holds two qualifications in prenatal yoga teaching. Shelagh has a Masters Degree in Arts from UCC and an honours Degree in Philosophy from NUI, Galway. She brings philosophical elements of yoga into her trainings and classes.

She has taught hundreds of pregnant women over the past number of years. She regularly conducts birth preparatory workshops to expectant couples. She is the mother of two young boys and appreciates fully the immense value prenatal yoga has for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Shelagh runs the Cork Movement Centre and teaches Vinyasa and Prenatal yoga classes.



Laura McKelveyLaura McKelvey, MSc. completed a BSc specialising in Anatomy from NUI,Galway in 2004. She went on to attain an MSc in Anatomy from UCD during which time she regularly demonstrated and tutored anatomy to medical, dental, nursing and physio students. In 2009, Laura attained a BSc Physiotherapy from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She then went on to work for two years as a Senior Medical Demonstrator in Anatomy for medical, dental, nursing, science, SALT and OT and as Coordinator of CPD Anatomy revision for working phsyiotherapists in UCC.


Laura recently completed her PhD Neuroscience in the Dept of Anatomy and Neuroscience, UCC. Most of Laura’s teaching has been done using specimens, and she uses a hands-on, ‘see and understand’ learning style. She currently lectures in Trinity College Dublin and teaches Yoga from the physiotherapy practice in Templemore where she also works.



Alan Llyons, MSc, Dip.(Yoga), is a Chartered Pediatric Physiotherapist who has spent his whole career to date working with children and young people with developmental disabilities, with a special interest in developmental orthopedics. Combined with his under- and post-graduate training, this provides him with a unique insight into both the developing and mature neuromusculoskeletal system.

Alan graduated with a BSc Physiotherapy Degree from University College Dublin in 2001 and with an MSc Physiotherapy Masters from University of Limerick in 2010 and is a regular Guest Lecturer to undergraduate Physiotherapy students in the University of Limerick.

Based in Co. Kerry, Alan works full-time for Enable Ireland Children’s Services.  He teaches weekly PhysioYoga classes.


Further Information

For a full prospectus, application form or any further information, contact Shelagh Sutton on shelagh@yogadiploma or 087 2273375.

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