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Sarah Fox

Sarah’s Yoga journey began in 2003 when she completed a FETAC certificate in Yoga at Pearse College, Dublin, as a module of the two
year Holistic Health course. In this course she studied Anatomy and Physiology of the body in addition to many Healing Therapies including
Massage, Aromatherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine to name but a few.

Sarah lived abroad for many years and while in New Zealand practiced Satyananda style Yoga with Swami Shantimurti Okan Saraswati in Ashram

In 2010 she began further study of Yoga, and completed her Teacher Training Course with Yoga Diploma in 2012. Sarah is the Nutrition tutor on the YogaDiploma teacher training course and is currently studying to become a tutor for asana modules on the course. 

Sarah is also currently studying an honours level degree in Herbal Science in Cork Institute of Technology. Sarah believes that Yoga is for beneficial for everyone and that the practice will seep in to every aspect of life; grounding and balancing oneself.



Graham Daly

With a strong background in Meditation and Mindfulness Graham was first drawn to Yoga due to its ability to provide more comfort during seated Meditations. A deep love for the complete science of Yoga soon developed as he discovered the other wonderful benefits it brought to his life. This sparked a powerful desire in him to deepen his knowledge and experience to enable him to pass these amazing tools on to others to aid them in today's turbulent lifestyle.

Graham has trained as a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor with Sada Sat Singh and Sada Sat Kaur Kaur (http://www.wellwithin.ie/level1.htm) and in Traditional Ashtanga Yoga with Lalit Kumar of Himalaya Yoga Valley (http://www.yogagoaindia.com/). Also trained in Kundalini level two 'Mind and Meditation' as well as Gong Meditation with Jai Katar Kaur.

Graham's classes range from the very physical to the deeply meditative. He aims to make the whole class a 'Meditation in Motion' from start to finish so as to provide a deeper experience for the student to take with them. He also brings a lightness and a humor to his teaching as he believes that laughter is one of the most powerful Pranayam(Breathing technique) we can practice.

Graham is delighted to currently be sharing the wonderful practices of Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation and Kundalini Yoga in the Cork City area.

Contact Graham on 086-0630565 or email graham_yoga@hotmail.com

Helen O'Connell

Helen has practiced Yoga for over 20 years. She has a daily personal practice routine that ensures she is in the best possible position to deliver high quality Yoga classes. She qualified as a Yoga Instructor in 2007 and attends numerous Yoga workshops in Ireland and Mainland Europe on a regular basis. She has been teaching yoga in Ashton Adult Education, Blackrock since 2006. She has developed Yoga programmes, and taught at all levels from Beginners to Improvers. She has also developed and taught classes in Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for the older adult.

Helen's Yoga classes are flow-based where all the postures are linked together. The classes she has developed and conducts are dynamic, invigorating, fun & challenging and focused on the needs of the students. She posess excellent people skills that allow her to develop a strong rapport with students. This ensures that each student can progress through the classes at a pace and performance level which best suit their physical needs.

Having recently completed her contact-hour for her Prenatal Teacher Training with YogaDiploma, Helen received certification as a trainee prenatal yoga instructor and is fully insured to teach prenatal yoga. She is currently working on the remaining assignments and will attain her full certification in the coming weeks.

Helen has a background in Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology and has developed and conducted relaxation classes to combat stress and provide advice on simple techniques to achive this.

Contact Helen 
Phone: (087) 2048089
Email: suaimhneach@hotmail.com


 Jerry Corcoran

087 6429307 | jerry.corcoran@hotmail.com

 Jerry has always enjoyed yoga starting at the age of 19 he has dropped in and out of Yoga. Last year he made a promise to himself to make yoga part of his everyday life. He enrolled in the 200 hour Yoga Diploma course and it is the best decision he has ever made. It is his belief that everybody should practise yoga and this is his first step to make that belief a reality. Jerry graduated from the Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour teacher training with Yoga Diploma in 2013.


Brian Moriarty

 086 6009169 | moriarty_brian@hotmail.com


Brian first came across Yoga in Peru four years ago. Once he returned to Cork from his travels he started weekly Ashtanga classes with Niall Byrne. With perseverance, weekly practice became a daily practice. His next discovery a few years later was Hatha Yoga in the mountains of Spain. He found it had a good balance between intensity and relaxation. Brian completed a 200 hour teacher training with Yoga Diploma.

Yoga has greatly helped Brian to manage joint issues, to keep any stiffness at bay and to allow him to stay healthy.

To see more from Brian:

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